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a sweeping vineyard ready for harvest

Harvest Time in Wine Country

Every Fall the wine grapes are ready for harvesting.  Care, attention to detail and sustainable management of the vineyards is where every wine begins.  The farming of wine grapes is just as variable as any other aspect of farming.  The threat of a spring freeze, too much or too little rain, variable weather during the fruit set and then achieving optimal ripeness before any weather event may damage the crops.  It’s exhausting to just think of all the variables before the grapes even make it into the winery!

Did you know grapes are harvested during the evening?  Drive through wine country during harvest and you may see tall construction lights in the middle of vineyards.  The crews often head into the vineyards about 11pm and harvest through the night.  Why?  The temperature is cooler. The grapes sugar level is optimal for making delicious wines during the cool temperatures at night.

The aroma of harvest is of ripe grapes. The sights are brilliant greens, golds, and reds.  The work for the harvest crews and winemakers is around the clock for up to four months.  Making wine is a combination of farming, science, hard work and passion for producing a delicious product.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience wine country during harvest, you should!  It’s a magical time to visit.

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